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Welcome to the cookie initial inventory order calculator. Simply select your troop’s grade level and fill in the number of girls in your troop who will participate in the Cookie Program and the calculator will do the rest. The recommended amount is based on the average number of packages sold by girls in River Valleys last year based on grade level. If you need additional cookies, your troop can always pick up more cookies throughout the sale using cookie cupboards.

Please note the gluten free cookies, Trios, are limited to up to two cases per troop and can only be guaranteed through the initial order.


3.5 inch big button
(initial order reward) 

Select your troop's grade level 
Number of girls participating

Select number of gluten free cases
(Not exchangeable nor returnable at cupboards)

For the girls in your troop to receive the big button, you need to order the recommended initial order amount (see below). Please remember this is a recommendation only. If you feel your troop should not order the number indicated below, please adjust your initial inventory as you see appropriate.

Total packages are needed to earn the big button.
Suggested Ordering by Variety Council Popularity Data
   Cranberry Citrus Crisps
   Thin Mints
   Peanut Butter Patties
   Caramel deLites
  Peanut Butter Sandwich
  Trios (gluten free)
   Total packages
   Total cases in your order

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Click here to print for your records

The initial inventory order is placed in packages. There are 12 packages in a case.

Note: This is not part of the ordering process. This site is meant only to assist you in determining the number and mix of cookies for your order. To place your order, you will leave this site and your calculator will be reset to zero. Please print this webpage for your records prior to ordering. You may return at any time prior to the initial order due date (January 12 at 7 pm) for further calculations. If you have additional questions, please contact

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